Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A new light for the wild

Too often scientists warn of irretrievable loss of the environment and conclude that any effort to save it is too little too late. However, research has shown that, with the right techniques, most ecosystems can be recovered. WildLIGHT believes it’s time for a paradigm shift, from protecting to restoring the environment. Why not give people the knowledge and resources to help them get back their environment, even after their forests have been chopped down and their watercourses run dry?

WildLIGHT aims to rehabilitate entire ecosystems - through a combination of cutting-edge technology, expertise and small-scale, self-sufficient, community-led initiatives - as a means to reducing poverty, restoring the environment and limiting global warming.

WildLIGHT founder Greg Cummings knows how to foster successful grass-roots initiatives in Africa. As executive director of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund for 17 years, he helped design, fund, and monitor more than 30 community-based projects in rural Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Gabon and Cameroon. Key to the success of his vision is an efficient, hands-on approach in the field, working through a network of local partners, who conform to a high standard of activity, reporting and accounting.

Let a million flowers bloom!

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